Separate Audio from Uploaded Video Track?

Is there a way to separate embedded audio from an uploaded video track, so I can make J-Cuts and L-Cuts? Right now, I can only expand it in my video track.

I would try the following: Mute the audio in the video track and record again using micrphone
not sure of only editing audio.

or make the video part opaque and edit the clips for audio…use these clips with original video(audio muted)

hope makes sense

Hello. I am new here and this is my first response. I hope I am helpful and I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes. The way I do this is to just lower the opacity of the video track when I don’t want to see it, and I still have the audio. Click on the video track and click on the line with the two dots to see the green line at the top video clip and click on the line to make a node that you can adjust. You may need to make more then one. The lower the green line, the more transparent the video.
I hope this suggestion helps and I apologize if it isn’t helpful, but I have used this feature to create J-cuts and L-cuts.

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Thanks for contributing some tips her @dhiraja @rkellogg You’re the best! :partying_face:

Thank so much for the replies. Both those techniques seem helpful. I also used the lower Video track (#1) to drop the opacity to zero (0) but keeping the audio then having a duplicate video track above it (#2) with only video. (And having audio on that Video #2 track helps me keep everything in synch. If you do this, make sure you’re keeping track of whee audio clips are lest the whole project move out of synch.

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You can always Finish the video with audio only and then re add it. Mute the existing video after lining everything up. Then you can do what you want with the audio. I’ve done this before.


That’s what I have tried too, Chad. Thanks for the tip!

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